Vernon interviews Brad Mitchell, Managing Director, Battelle for Kids
17 months ago by Vernon_Oakes
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Vernon interviews Brad Mitchell, Managing Director, Battelle for Kids. Vernon and Brad discuss his innovative approached to advance education reform, with an emphasis on his focus on rural collaboratives. 

As a Managing Director, Brad leads Battelle for Kids' efforts to advance innovative education reform, especially around rural collaboratives that serve as practice partners in research and practice partnerships focused on advancing access, equity and quality for rural students.
He previously led the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative, a partnership between Battelle for Kids and 27 school districts in southeast Ohio dedicated to developing a comprehensive approach to accelerating college and career readiness.

Throughout his career, Brad has worked at the national and state levels in the role of educational policy analyst, serving on the staff of the 1982 National Commission on Excellence in Education (A Nation at Risk) and as Director of Community Partnerships for the Ohio Children and Family First Initiative.


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