Out of Your Belly Shall Flow Rivers! Deacon Alwyn Floyd 26 May 2019
by cbf
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In this sermon, Deacon Alwyn reminds us that our lives are to be like a green spring in a wilderness, a cool drink of water on a hot day, or a continual river of life that refreshes, renews, and brings life to worn out and tired places in a person’s soul.  That living water can grow from a small trickle to a flowing river when you stay in the Word and in fellowship with the Lord and other believers, but it can also be mired down and slowed, even dried up if choices are made to not stay focused on the power that keeps it flowing ~ worship!   Deacon Alwyn brings encouragement and provides directions from his own life on keeping that stream of life, that power of the river, flowing.  He shares the connections with the Lord’s promises that should become our focus and gives warnings of letting either fears or becoming complacent and even dull to the move of the Spirit.  Remember that a  little faith starts with a trickle, but in time grows into a mighty river from which we can draw and share love, faith, and hope to pour out on all those around us.  The world is a dry and lonely place, and many don’t even realize their parched condition, but when given a chance at this living water through the Spirit using us, they can be revived.  Many,, especially those who find themselves, like the woman at the well, dry and thirsty and in need of that river of life in their own lives find hope and a new life because we are willing to be a channel of that mighty river!  Watch the sermon at https://youtu.be/LI0Dnr4KZ3Y  Follow along with the message notes at  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ee-qRDSTj8Oy2-H0mIJFqki2rPeh9XDTXtRzAtW1-RQ/edit?usp=sharing   Copyright 2019    All Rights Reserved  


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