Fear Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 20 September 2015
by cbf
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You want to understand God?  Fear is the place to start. "Oh, Pastor!  Just what do you mean by that??? Isn't God all love and compassion???"  Hmmmm ~ Did you know that fear, like any other emotion, is something God gave to us?  Fear~it is a protection response!!  Many think of the illogical and over-the-top paralyzing emotion that freezes you in place, that puts you into harm's way, and conclude that fear is a bad thing.  Well, a paralyzing response IS a bad thing, but fear itself is not.  Without fear, we'd put our hands into the fire to test the heat, or scramble down a sheer cliff without ropes and equipment, or pick on the guy who is twice our size and really mean... Fear has its place, especially when it brings us to an understanding of the holiness and justice of an almighty God.... Fear, the thing which keeps us in the palm of His hand.....


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