Genesis 4:16-22 Cain`s Way vs. Abel`s Way Pastor Chuck Clawson 10 August 2014
by cbf
Eastern Gate east of Eden Eden Cain Abel offer offering Adam God Genesis work repent change hard hard-hearted sin evil substitute experience rest comfort trials hope hopeless banish banished send away


So many questions we have as we go through life, so many unanswered!  And yet, the Word says God will guide and direct us.  So, how do we handle it when we are not sure? have an "iffy-ness" about choices? or even just feel like there is no answer and no one is listening?  For the converted, for the true Christian, the answer is always faith.  Just because we don't have every step laid out clearly, does not mean God is not directing them.  So, what happened with Cain and Abel?  What was the purpose of the seeming indulgence of just banishment granted to Cain, the man who murdered his own brother??  As we shall see, Pastor Clawson lays out how, while Abel's death was tragic, Cain's banishment was absolutely no reward and was tantamount to a long, fearful, heavy judgment...  The choices Cain makes now will affect all his following generations... there are only two paths now ~ anger and pride or repentance and humility.


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