1 Kings 13:11-19 Trials and Temptations Pastor Charles P. Clawson 28 June 2015
by cbf
prophet divine avenge avenger prophecy idolatry Galations God is not mocked sin death punish punishment Word of God Lord proclaim altar Bethel bones idol tempt temptation trial trials admonition example school of the prophets son sons obey obedience excommunicate Israel Judah lying spirit lie lies eat drink faith secure security strenth crisis of obedience evil consequence assault doubt angel minister angel of light satan


Miracles attended the pronouncement of a man of God who confronted a king bound and determined to "adjust" the religious activity within his new kingdom and provide a "new religion" to keep his people pacified.  Jeroboam wanted to keep the focus within his country, but God had other ideas and sent a man to let him know, in very certain terms, that only Jehovah was the one true God. After confronting the king, the man of God now had a test and trial of his own.  He was to return to Judah in a way different from whence he had come, and he was to not stop to eat or drink, but was to hurry home.  Sometimes in the aftermath of a highest triumph against a strong foe, a prophet can be tired, even exhausted, and become careless, over secure in the triumph, or emotionally drained. It is then that the little mistake, the small sin, that whisper from the enemy, can slip in and trip up or even destroy the man or woman of God...


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