My What Big Teeth You Have! Wolves in Sheep`s Clothing and Who they Are Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 18 March 2015
by cbf
Matthew 7 judge judge righteously wolves wolves in sheep`s clothing listen look know aware tell warn truth proclaim mote beware of false prophets fruit good fruit evil fruit inspect character heart God behavior choices outward veneer known by what they do actions do doeth the will of the Father deceive deception iniquity work iniquity self-deceived Acts 20:29 2 Peter 2:1 and 2 heresies damnable


People can dress themselves up as those they are not... unless you know the person very well, you can be tricked... The trickster comes so close to the original, that we tend to just accept what is presented.  Sales often has the expectation of getting the trust of the potential client, and most salespeople are just trying to do a job and are not evil people, but some use the salesmanship techniques (like controlling the conversation or speaking just a little over the heads of the potential customer so they tend to look up to the salesman as the expert...) to manipulate and gain influence or control.  These marketing techniques seem to have infiltrated the church and have become used in the "marketing of the Gospel..."  This is not what Jesus wanted us to do... we are not marketers; we are witnesses... but if the focus of the person, or church, is numbers, wealth, personal power, or even just ease in this life, you might want to evaluate the situation and offering being set before you.  It might be time to truly judge what, and who, is set before you....


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