Genesis 4:8-14 Am I My Brother`s Keeper? Pastor Chuck Clawson
by cbf
God redemption responsibility sacrifice Cain Abel pain remorse repentance blood murder death sin penalty sin penalty ground crying out marked


Cain and Abel~ a story of rivalry and grief that has shadowed the ages, a story that goes far to explain the condition of man today.   We have so many choices in this world, and our biggest is to humble ourselves to do what is right or to strike out through anger and self-righteousness.  Cain's choice destroyed a life, and set a pathway for his progeny forever... what choice or choices will you make when confronted with an error, a sin, or an outright wrong choice by an authority in your life?  Will you listen and learn, or strike out at the innocent in your anger at being caught, being confronted, and being internally convicted of your pride and rebellion?  Your choice, but remember the consequences will affect others, and may be eternal...


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