A New Creature in Christ Pastor Billy Robertson 18 October 2015
by cbf
1 Corinthians 5:17 Christ Christian new creature old things sin sinful peace clean holy all things are new power freedom change


Here is a truth that folks can deny, but no one can change ~ the natural man cannot perceive God, therefore, he consequently cannot please God. There are only two type of people in the world, and both serve a master that reflects the character of that service~ we serve either the god of this world, or the Creator of the Universe, but most people don't realize it, refuse to admit it, or actually believe they, through some fancy negotiation, can convince the God of Eternity to take them on their terms as His own...  Only the power that makes a world can make a Christian....Think of the power and depth it takes to change a person from the inside out and wholly renew mind and spirit.  We can make changes by choice, but we cannot make a change that will usher us into the throne room of God without bringing our old and sinful coverings with us... Only the power that makes a world can free us from ALL the baggage we carry from choices and attitudes and just being human.....only through God's love and grace can we truly by new creatures in Christ!


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