Genesis 11:27-32 Hello, Terah! (from Terah to Abram) Pastor Charles P. Clawson 28 June 2015
by cbf
liberty freedom price follow lead Abram Abraham Terah Lot Sarai Sarah friend Friend of God promise promises Canaan son faith believe believing Jehovah


"We will flounder before we throw freedom away"... the story goes that a ship carrying plaster casts of the statue of Freedom on the dome of the capital building was caught in a storm, and the crew, afraid of sinking, wanted to throw the casts overboard.  The captain, however, stopped them and they eventually made it safely to shore.  How often are we willing to throw our freedom in Christ away, because life brings us storms and threatens our peace, even safety?  Today's passage looks carefully at Terah and Abram.  They were willing to take a chance, to move on the word of Almighty God, to trust that He is able to fulfill the promises given, and to go into places unknown...  Are you willing to follow the leading of God? to risk upsetting your friends? leave behind the familiar? to go forward into a freedom because of God's calling that you cannot quite explain?  Terah was, and so was Abram... to the point of Abram being eventually renamed and called The Friend of God.  Now that is worth not throwing the heavy things of life overboard....


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