1 Kings 11:9-13 Solomon Angers JHWH Pastor Clawson 9 November 2014
by cbf
pride holy holiness God Solomon wise wisest JHWH Lord 1 Kings king kingdom lead accumulate wealth wife wives gold silver men army navy chariots leadership foolishness deception destruction fall


The wisest man in the world... he still holds that reputation and yet Solomon kept making choices which from his studies of the Law he should have known were not pleasing to God, yet rationalizes each choice as "being for the better good."  When kings aggrandize money, lands, power and people to themselves in the name of the kingdom, they are not facing the truth with humility, but are pleasuring themselves and using the kingdom as the vehicle to do so... Pride is the foundation of the need to accumulate, to stand above, to be "the most", "the best", "the richest" or "wisest."  Pride... easy to rationalize, and a deadly slow poison that eventually causes the heart of holiness to stop beating... 


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