1 Kings 9:1-9 King Solomonís Second Vision Pastor Clawson
by cbf
Old Testament King King Solomon warning Temple construction vision dream Jehovah God Yaweh Bible prophet character flaws sins sin consequence consequences generation Ezekial Jesus family training expectation throne kingdom forewarned is forearmed


In this second vision, God give Solomon a warning and a choice … It is important to remember that first the Temple had been completed, taking seven years, and then Solomon’s palace, taking 13 years, and now God gives Solomon this  vision, which occurs after both projects  are finished.  Solomon has now been in charge of Israel well over a decade, and God sees fit to tell him to beware the pulls of the world.  This second vision is much more intense and has a strong edge of severe warnings of dangers and the dire consequences of wrong lifestyle choices.  How much more do we, who are not accounted among the wisest to have walked the earth need to beware the pull of power, fame, glitter, ease, and every other pull of the systems and fruits of this earth! 


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