The Shield Of Faith Pastor Billy Robertson 28 August 2016
by cbf
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artist: Pastor Billy Robertson
title: The Shield Of Faith
album: Ephesians 6  The Whole Armor of God
year: 2016
genre: Sermon (id None)
track: 1
David in the Psalms said "My times are in thy hand" when calling out to the Lord during a particularly rough time in his life.  His times, his goings and comings, his experiences, his very existence David acknowledged with entirely withing the hand of the Lord.  Nothing could happen to him that the Lord did not ordain or allow--he belonged to Him, and therefore had faith in all that passed to be used for his good or the good of others.  Faith.  As a shield, faith in the Father of us all can pull us through sorrows and grief, through internal and external battles, through temptations and joys.  That shield, like the Roman shields at the height of Rome's power, was strong and could interlock with its neighbor shields forming a covering and protection that was amazingly tough and through which the arrows of the day had little chance of penetrating.  Our shield of faith does more than just rebuff the enemy's attacks--it literally douses the flame and removes the power of that attack.  When our faith is grounded in the word of God, truth, and trust, when we remember past experiences of God's protective and guiding hand, our shield stands firm and holds against the devil's attempts to draw us out with temptations, distractions, and downright lies.  The shield of faith....   Pastor Billy's sermon scripture list can be accessed at Copyright 2016  All Rights Reserved


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