7 Deadly Sins Lenten Series, Part 3 ~ Freedom and Victory!
by cbf
dungeon key shackles free freedom tempt temptation fight give in wail run away God enemy evil world lust flesh lust of the eyes devil lust of the flesh pride of life Jesus Christ Father Bible Romans greed envy hospitality necessity saints fail failure James opportunity grace stand stand your ground


By the 3rd Century AD, patterns of church life were slowly being set in place.  By the 4th Century, Christianity was more and more tolerated, accepted, and finally officially recognized. Like any organization, religious or otherwise, the growing church was filled with...people... and people mess up, make mistakes, do wrong things, and generally tend towards sin.  The patterns of human behavior have not really changed much over the centuries, but God does not want us to fail, and wants everyone to come to truth, and to escape the consequences of sinful, hurtful choices.  He has provided tools to beat back and overcome temptations, the first being an understanding of who He is and just what sin is and can do. We tend to fall into the temptations because we equate them with the action, but the temptation is only the call to choose the wrong action.  We don't have to listen, and since God wants us to be successful in life, He has made ways for us to rebuff and ignore those voices that whisper in our ears, or those cravings that want to set up shop in our heads.  No~He has called us to freedom, and it is not only possible, but assured IF we follow His plans.  He's already handed us the key to unlock our prison doors.... Hint: Use your failures to identify the traps and snares of the enemy, and use that information to disarm those traps and snares.


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