Vernon Interviews President of the CHS Foundation, and 2015 Cooperative Hall of Fame Inductee.
42 months ago by Vernon_Oakes
Vernon Oakes William Nelson CHS 2015 Cooperative Hall of Fame


Vernon and William discuss his involvement in the cooperative movement, the Cooperative Hall of Fame, and his vision for the next phase of the movement.

William Nelson's involvement in cooperative education began in the 1970s while serving as community education director for the Minneapolis public school system, focusing on connecting urban and rural schools around food and hunger issues. In this role, Nelson was first introduced to a new wave of food cooperatives in the Twin Cities. Nelson went on to spend 13 years at the University of Minnesota-Waseca, teaching courses on cooperatives, agriculture, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Nelson is a founding member and director for the Ralph K. Morris Foundation. He has also brought stable leadership and financial support to the Association of Cooperative Educators. And through his long tenure as president of The Cooperative Foundation, Nelson helped expand support for cooperative development, extension, education and research.


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