1 Kings 9:8-14 Solomon Drifts! Pastor Clawson
by cbf
Solomon king kings Hiram building temple fort fortifications Milo Phoenicia Phoenicians neighbors rivals navy trade city cities Israel cedars work workers vision expansion adrift consequences mixture culture belief beliefs rules God Jehovah separate history learn repeat doomed to repeat destruction 1 Kings 9


Solomon had secured his place as king, and the building program was moving well along, including plans not only for the temple, but for his own house.  As he negotiates with Hiram, his near Phoenician neighbor and king, he begins to expand his vision for Israel.  He starts the seed of the Israeli navy, develops areas of fortification, and allows a mixing of cultures ~ very small at the beginning, but a mixing nonetheless.  The consequences to this drifting away from the very clear rules God had shared concerning His people will play out over the millennia, but the starting drift of the  kingdom is here.


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