1 Kings 8:41-53 The Prayer for the Strangers Among Us, Part 7 of Solomon`s Prayer at the Temple Dedication
by cbf
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From the beginning, God has wanted His people to reach out to the world, to welcome them into a relationship with Himself.  The Jewish people were those chosen to model and exemplify that open relationship, and to offer an invitation to all others to join them in being a part of His family.   Solomon's prayer at the Temple dedication reminded everyone, and called everyone to, that house which was to become a House of Prayer for All Peoples.  When the stranger comes to know the Living God of the Universe, and learns to follow His ways and adopt His precepts, then they truly no longer are strangers.  Given that, God's people are to apply His laws uniformly to all.  The idea that even kings were subject to the law is absolutely foundational to the Temple dedication and the laws of Israel.  In this discussion, Pastor Clawson reminds us that as Christians, we still follow the laws laid down by God, and we are still expected to treat the strangers among us with respect and they are still expected to follow the laws that all must obey. 


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