Look to Creation! Joyfulness Lesson 1 Providing brightness in the lives of others regardless of outward conditions. Vanessa Justice
by cbf
comfort help others face uncetainty joy song sing singing in prison Paul Silas chickadee winter discontent unhappy pity self-pity hope expectation expectations control fear frustration discourage discouragement Bible Jesus God Father of mercy strength compassion believe believer share sharing kind kindness gentle application faith truth


Lesson 1 confronts us full-faced with the expectation that we control our fears, our frustrations, our discouragement, and our self-centered self-pity.  That these may be there is a fact; whether or not we give in is a choice.  Other need to see the light of Christ, the hope that is within us, the strength and compassion available to the believer, and the process of sharing all the comfort and help shown us to any  and all who are also in need of support, a kind word, and the gentle application of truth.  Singing in the prison of troubles... do we sing and reach to brighten the darkness? or do we give in and just fade out and die in the night?


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