Genesis 9:18-29 That Demon Rum Pastor Charles P. Clawson 8 March 2015
by cbf
demon shame alcohol abuse disrespect drunk drunkenness Shem Ham Japheth Canaan curse generations slave serve slavery anger hurt Noah new world consequence consequences Old Testament the Flood wine grapes vineyard. God the Lord Jehovah


For many years, the Temperance League fought against hard spirits and often was heard a shout such as "That demon rum is ruining lives!"  Alcohol misuse is not a new thing, nor is the laxness of self-control and the potential for great shame that accompanies excess.  Our first real picture of what happens when one sets aside one's self-control and gives it to hard spirits is a story of shame, family anger, and a curse that extended (and some would say still extends) through hundreds of generations of Noah's family.  It is interesting to note that Ham was the son that did not respect his father, and through his line are those who have often been held as captives, while through the line of Shem comes the tribe to be known as the Israelites.  One will serve the other.... Genesis 9:18-29...


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