What Does God Desire? Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 9 August 2015
by cbf
boundaries boundary God Father free freedom goal goals prison self-sacrifice work weary anger angry expect expectations exercise will desire desires consequence consequences love react respond Bible Jesus Old Testament New Testament battle throne king relate relationship David heart God`s heart tradition pharisee Word transparent Spirit truth worship follow mercy justice faith faithful invest investment time money blood salvation humble humility walk Micah


We cannot be upset when we turn what should be freedom into pain and suffering... what a concept! We seem to have a false definition of humility, acting more like everything is a personal sacrifice rather than the joy of response.  We as Christians, when we do not understand God's heart, the desires He has for us, or the will He wants us to follow, turn the free exercise of His desires in prison-like boundaries... all because we do not understand His goals and plans.  We replace them with our own and then get upset, angry, depressed or feel lost entirely because we expected something other than the consequence of leaving our first love, of turning His freedom into excess or worse yet, giving our goals and behaviours the place of honor and respect that His are to have.  We often unwittingly push Him off the throne and out of the war room and proceed to fight a battle that is not ours and that we cannot win.  What are His goals? What does God desire?  Deacon Josh makes a clear case of the need for transparent relationship and willing service to a Holy God that transcends ourselves and that touches and follows the heart of God Himself.  The goal? to be a man or woman after God's heart... Christian, it is not impossible, but it cannot be done without setting aside our preconceived traditions, our pharisaical behaviours, and truly sit at the feet of the Master, reading His Word, and seeking His face and His desires.... And what might they be? worship, love, faithfulness, humility, and walking side-by-side with Him.


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