Answers! Pastor Joshua Justice 4 November 2018
by cbf
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  The world is full of questions. Most folks are full of all sorts of questions.  Questions are good things, but too often the answers we get are unsettling or only lead to more questions. \r\n  Some of the hardest questions to face, or to try to explain to someone who may question those of us who follow the Lord Jesus, include \"Why is there sickness and death in this world? Why is there pain and suffering? Is hell a real place, and if so, how can a merciful God allow that?\"  We need to be ready to handle such questions and do it in a way that shows we have come to peace with the questions AND that they can as well. \r\n  The Bible offers us a source of answers we can share with truth seekers. Pastor Josh speaks directly to all those questions we have as we experience and see things in our travels through this life, and as we answer the Great Commission to give an answer for our hope and faith to those who ask of us.   Watch the sermon video at  Read the sermon notes at\r\nCopyright 2018   All Rights Reserved


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