Where Are Your Disciples? Where Is Your Faith? Pastor Joshua Justice 12 May 2019
by cbf
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Pastor Joshua challenges us today to consider two important questions which are two sides of the same coin... Where “Are Your Disciples?” and “Where Is Your Faith?”  We can best answer these questions with integrity, depth, and soul searching, and then face what you see...  Are your words and actions matching?  Is it time to \"up your game\"?  One of the marks of a committed disciple is the willingness to dig in and learn from others who have proven themselves to be strong and committed followers of the Lord.  The committed disciple is a model for others, finds joy in sharing the Good News, and in using their talents and skills to uplift and help others.  The committed disciple not only learns from his or her studies and becomes obedient to the Word, as a child might do enjoying the “milk” stage of life,  but also teaches others and encourages them to move from just taking in the blessings of faith to exercising their knowledge and experience in sharing, leading, and training others.  Were you discipled? If not, dig deeper and find someone who can share the faith well.   If you have been discipled, are you now a discipler, putting all that knowledge and experience into someone else? In other words, have you moved on to engaging in the “meat of our faith? If not, it’s time to “up your game” and go out among the lost, and give them the same chance at eternal life someone gave to you!    Follow along with the message notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Upmt7g2gBpEqN-jWx-o9JDVKaqVRnWMqQgVYhvUPwxs/edit?usp=sharing    You can watch his sermon at https://youtu.be/wfgnSxBPyvs   Copyright 2019   All Rights Reserved 


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