Only A Branch (John 15) Elder Phil Justice 2 June 2019
by cbf
Vine branches grafted in St. John Jesus nature natural spirit spiritual Father husbandman Son the vine believers fruit result God Lord principle Word produce character explanation


Have you ever considered just how vines grow? Or how trees are grafted? Jesus often used the natural things of the world which His audience understood, or at least with which they were familiar, to teach on things of the principles of the Lord.  Using such pictures make God\'s Word more clear to those who want to know more about Him. In this message Elder Phil is delving into John 15 and looking to the natural to explain the spiritual in his message, \"Only A Branch\".   Follow along with the message notes at   Watch the sermon at   Learn more about the Gospel of John at   Copyright 2019    All Rights Reserved \r\n\r\n


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