The Shameless Christian Pastor Joshua Justice January 6, 2019 Epiphany
by cbf
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Shame is an interesting concept. It can be very wholesome, and it can be dangerously crippling. How can you know what is healthy and what is unhealthy?  It can show us where we are wrong (as Prov. 18:3 puts it, “Sin and shame go together” ~Good News Translation). or, if your focus is more on \"fitting in\" or \"only being loving and tolerant\', it can lead to you actually being \"shamed\" into holding back truth and watering down the Gospel because you won\'t confront sin, but will cover it over or ignore it or just accept it as ok, thereby denying the truth and the power of the gospel. That kind of being ashamed of God\'s truth and power discourages evangelism, and promote instead a kind of religious pacifism. Pastor Joshua dissects the power and meanings of Shame and Shamelessness.  Some IS good for the Christian, and some is not... Now the question is \"Which kind of Shameless Christian are you?    Access Pastor Joshua\'s sermon notes at   Watch Pastor Joshua’s message at   Visit our website at   Copyright 2018    All Rights Reserved  


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