To Be Faithful Pastor Joshua Justice 7 October 2018
by cbf
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What does it mean to be faithful? Faithful to what? Sometimes, trying to “do good” leaves us so exhausted and frustrated. In Galatians 6:9 the Scripture tells us to “not grow weary of well-doing,” but how?  Just exactly how are we supposed to not get tired, not wear ourselves out when the needs and demands tend to be so many?  When is it okay to take a break, or even to just pull away?  And if we are constantly wearing out, could it be another reason other than just the work?  Could it be we are taking on more than we are supposed to?  Are we just maybe adding to our given calling and may be missing some blessings while doing so?? Pastor Josh takes us through the Scriptural approach of doing good without burning out.  It can be done, if we just follow the Maker\'s handbook... Watch the sermon at     Access Pastor Joshua’s notes at   Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved\r\n \r\n


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