Freedom (Liberty!) Pastor Joshua Justice 21 October 2018
by cbf
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Ever feel bound up? Under the load? Dealing with guilt and just weighed down with \"stuff\" in general??  Sometimes there seems to be nothing we can do to shake off the shackles of fear or things or the tyranny of the now that seems to rob us of joy and peace.  What we must learn is that life is not easy, but...we are not alone!  Believers have a Helper and a Warrior who has won for us a pathway to peace in the midst of the storm; we have a Brother who has called us home; we have a Father who has adopted us into His family. Listen as Pastor Josh\'s sermon opens the Scriptures to us as we learn how to really be free in the liberty Christ has won for us!!  Watch the video at  Follow Pastor Josh\'s sermon with notes at  To find all sorts of resources, visit our website at   Copyright 2018    All Rights Reserved    


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