Hospitality Lesson 2 Knowing how long a visit should last. Vanessa Justice
by cbf
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Knowing when to leave the company of friends, a business meeting, kind strangers, or family is a social grace that allows friendships and families to grow closer because the wise one does not presume upon the kindness of the company.   Not everyone is like that... self-centered, arrogant, and clueless people tend to center their behaviors and choices around themselves, their wants, their assumed power,and their gratifications.  In this story, the unnamed Levite and both of his different hosts do not take a number of factors into consideration and this eventually leads to the death of a woman, the destruction of a town, and a civil war in Israel before there were kings to exert the power of civil law.  Knowing when to leave is as much a part of hospitality as knowing how to open your home and be gracious.  


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