1 Kings 14:1-10 Jeroboam`s Fate Pastor Charles P. Clawson 23 August 2015
by cbf
Jeroboam Ahijah Shiloh prophet school of the prophets death Lord God Solomon Jerusalem consequence evil wicked sick sickness judgment king Judah obey disobey law child honey gift priests idols hurt harm disease reaction repent repentance result mercy justice common commoners exile deceive discern secrets Bible Old Testament


Even when we are given the strongest of warnings, mankind has a tendency to charge ahead, rationalizing the wrong choices or refusing to see what is a fool's mission.  Pride, shortsightedness, lack of wisdom~ whatever the reasoning, Jeroboam's life, and eventual death, serves as a clear signpost from which we should all take heed and consider aligning ourselves against the clear warnings that God gives us both in His Word and by His Spirit... 
(note:mechanical failures did not allow the entire discussion to be recorded.  Pastor's notes covering the entire study can be accessed upon request.)


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