Josephus-Book 1 Chapter 1 Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 7 October 2015
by cbf
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The perspectives and culture of those in the early church and in the Jewish beliefs of the day might be very surprising to today's Christian.  Christians assume that the Lord is all knowing, but it seems that may not have been the prevailing opinion of the wise men of Jesus' day.  And today, we find our own culture to respond to the truth of the Word with similar blindness and hardness of hearing.  Jesus was a radical Who pointed His contemporaries to a "new way" of seeing the Father ... actually the correct way of bending to His leadership and holiness... When we study the foundations and changes to those meaning through time, we find a more clear understanding of the mission we have and the truth Jesus shared... Listen in as we visit the First Century and see with new eyes just what it was like to live in a day when hearts were hard, ears were blocked, and confusion abounded ~ very much like today...  


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