Prayer, Part 3 Pastor Billy Robertson 13 Nov 2016 Ephesians 6 The Whole Armor of God
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artist: Pastor Billy Robertson
title: Prayer, Part 3
album: Ephesians 6  The Whole Armor of God
year: 2016
genre: Sermon (id None)
track: 9
    Prayer is not a wishing well or magical lamp--it is a means of intimate fellowship for everyday living and of claiming God’s promises while being abandoned to God’s will and knowing He will work through me.   Oswald Chamber reminds us "When we work, we work. When we pray, God works! "   We are to keep constant in our mind that we are NOT of this world.  We are to have an intimate family connection and dependence on the King.  We are to constantly reflect that the Word was made flesh.    
   The people of His time saw His miracles and works, but it was the way He prayed that made the difference!  His boldness, His humility, and His utter dependence on the Father was something the disciples understood to be the source of His connection with the Lord.   Jesus showed an intimacy and respect of humility and expectation of God's will to be done, even in us.
    It is a deep dependence which leads to an intimate fellowship.  Boldness comes honestly and clearly when we KNOW we are a part of a family that hears and listens, and when we have a Protector and Defender that is also a Warrior who has taken us in as His very own and has and will fight the battles with and even for us.  Our part is to keep our eyes on the King Who has already defeated the foes of our lives, and Who constantly communicates with us to keep us focused and ready to move at His command.  Prayer should always be the first response in any situation.  Our problems are His opportunities….  Access Pastor Billy's sermon notes at   Copyright 2016  All Rights Reserved


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