Genesis 2:15-17 The Man and the Command
by cbf
Garden Garden of Eden Eden Genesis 2 Day 3 Third Day Adam man mankind create creation grow learn likeness and image responsibility free will innocence Gihon Euphrates river rivers tree tree of life tree of knowledge good and evil appetite test testing temptation Adonai God Genesis Bible Day Old Testament in the beginning


Don't eat of the tree of good & evil... one simple command...Pastor Chuck explores the three small but important verses that lay out a foundational choice we must all make; exercise self control, or give in to the urges that over-ride our better nature. God made a man, set him in the garden & gave him work to do... He had freedom to go & do, & the garden was a place of peace & beauty. The Lord did not care if His creation climbed in the one tree from which they could not eat, picked the flowers, or built a tree house in the branches, but the one command the Creator gave was "Do not eat the fruit thereof." This top & frail creation of a Holy God had a choice to make, a choice of free will ~ follow the command of the Creator or give in to his own ways... & the consequences of that decision was clearly explained ahead of time... if you choose to eat, in that day you will begin to die....


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