The Crown of Rejoicing Pastor Billy Robertson 28 October 2018
by cbf
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The Crown of Rejoicing!  What is that and how does someone merit a crown that highlight joy, happiness, and an overflowing heart??? Listen as Pastor Billy shares how to make sure you walk in joy here on this earth and in your lifetime.   Sound impossible?  Not according to the Scriptures.  Joy is a benefit of being a sold-out Christian.  And, it is a promise from the Lord Himself that we should have “an abundant life”, which does not necessarily mean lots of stuff and money but does mean a rich and rewarding life even in the tough times.  (Spoiler alert ~ keep your walk in the light, concentrate on praiseworthy things, and remember the Lord is walking with you through it all! Share that knowledge with others and be a soul winner ~ that brings you the joy you seek!)  The Crown of Rejoicing!!  Watch the video at Follow Pastor Billy\\\'s sermon with notes at To find all sorts of resources, visit our website at Copyright 2018    All Rights Reserved    


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