What Is Worship? Pastor Billy Robertson 11 August 2019
by cbf
Worship praise holy honor adore follow respect revere sing pray idolize culture automatic heart head rote habit attitude rock of offence stone of stumbling obedience reverence service humble humility priests Zion chosen generation holy nation light respond glorify acknowledge submit


Pastor Billy is addressing a timely topic -- worship. Various Christian churches, as well as other religions, have all sorts of ways to showing reverence to their deities, but what does the Bible say true worship is? Is it a style of prayer? music? posture? or something else? or is it something more than these? Join us as Pastor Billy looks at what the Bible says about \"worship\". Watch the sermon at https://youtu.be/PxHrXUAk1lM  Follow along with the message Scriptures at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wTa7p_oUf51H9jVifn8yqRHWmKV1Cb1lflAiB3FxrA0/edit?usp=sharing Copyright 2019    All Rights Reserved                            \r\n


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