Josephus-Book 10 Nebuchadrezzar Joshua Justice 30 November 2016
by cbf
Hezekiah Nebucharezzar Nebuchanezzer Josephus Old Testament Bible God Lord power death ill miracle politics son captive heirs Amon prophet prophetess Josiah Neccho Jehoahaz Jeremiah 2 Chronicles 35:2 Jeremiah 49:23 Is 36:19 Damascus Samaritans gods religion culture local deities move anamistic minor gods Israelites Jehoiakim Ezekial


artist: Joshua Justice
title: Josephus-Book 10  Nebuchadrezzar
album: Josephus
year: 2016
This section of Book 10 opens Hezekiah's desire to live past his illness and figure out how to protect his kingdom as the political scene moves from Sennacherib to Nebuchadrezzar.   The intrigues of political great powers now provide the backdrop to major changes a-coming.    Copyright 2016  All Rights Reserved  


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