Contentment vs. Covetousness Lesson 1 Valuing God-given Relationships More Than Earthly Possessions Vanessa Justice 6 May 2015
by cbf
focus contentment value important choices consequences avarice jealously hoarding own owning stuff mine relate relationships family friend friends help available channel witness God love aid prosper prosperity Scrooge freely give giver eternity peace Bible healthy relationship loving trajectory one more thing regret grief responsibility


In this lesson, one character is bent on the accumulation of stuff, the other on the development of knowledge and relationship with loved individuals... Its all about focus... On what do you focus? Improving your physical, financial, or material lot in life, or improving and maintaining healthy & loving relationships with those around you, and especially with the One who created you.... Both foci set you on a trajectory, so where do you want to end up on your death bed?  Grasping for just one thing more or looking forward to an eternity of peace with your Maker and having no regrets with your time here with the people who crossed your pathway?  Your focus, your choice...


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