Which Is The Best Choice Of Wadding For Quilting?
wadding for quilting


There’s almost nothing more important when it comes to making a quilt than the wadding you choose to use. Choosing the right quality and material of wadding can make or break your final product. Here are the best choices of wadding for quilting needs

One of the best options of wadding for quilting is cotton because it’s naturally soft and breathable. Cotton is a material that’s highly compatible due to it being a natural fibre, and also very flame-resistant as compared to synthetic materials. But that’s not to say that using a synthetic fibre like polyester doesn’t have its own merits. Quilts made of polyester wadding are much easier to needle by hands and more importantly easier to wash in a washing machine than any natural fibre out there. So you can definitely consider this as an option!

Finally, you have wool wadding for quilting. This warm material is known for its thermal qualities, making it a great option for lap and cot quilts. No matter what material you use, buying wadding from a reputable supplier will ensure your quilt lasts for a long time while looking absolutely stunning all along.


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