Josephus, Book 2-The 220 Years from Isaac's Death to the Pharaoh's Recognition of Joseph Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 4 November 2015
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artist: Joshua Justice
title: Josephus, Book 2-The 220 Years from Isaac's Death to the Pharaoh's Recognition of Joseph  4 Nov 2016
album: Josephus
year: 2016
Josephus has already introduced his readers to the first 3833 years of history, from creation to Abraham's family and legacy, and finishing with the death of Isaac.  Already history has been noted, written down, and lost. Outside sources, found documentation, and oral histories help to piece together the truth. Josephus now turns his focus on the next 220 years, so important to his people's growth as a people group and finally as a nation. Part of that is a close look at the 12 sons of Jacob, who become the Patriarchs of the Hebrews, and the move from Canaan to Egypt under Joseph.  Esau and Jacob now divide the inherited lands after their father's death.  Esau becomes a prince in his own right, taking the area of Idumea, and Jacob stays in the land known as Canaan.  This then is the heritage property of the Hebrew people, the family which grew from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and becomes the land of Israel and part of the homeland to which they will someday return. As recorded in Genesis, Josephus then tells the story of Joseph from his dreams to when he was sent by his brothers into slavery, and finally he details the many twists and turns that set the stage for Joseph to become the second in command of all of Egypt.    Copyright 2015  All Rights Reserved


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