Josephus-Book 1, The Final Chapters Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 28 October 2015
by cbf
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artist: Joshua Justice
title: Josephus, Book 1 the final chapters
year: 2015
genre: Bible Study (id None)

As an historian, Josephus was the expert in Jewish history, and also had access to other resources which evidently we no longer have.  His information fills in for us spaces and events that help to fill out the various stories, including things such as the attitudes various groups had for each other.  According to Josephus, for example, Egypt's Pharaoh at the time of Abram was known to be a bit of a lecher, and Abram had good reason to fear him, and yet ventured into Egypt because of the drought in Mesopotamia and possibly to share this good news he had of the the God called Jehovah or Elohim....  Josephus also talks about the leadership changes Egypt and other nations underwent, the sea people, the difference between what was considered the Red Sea then and now, and the various political and technological changes Egypt had.  He speaks of Job and the rights of the first born in nomadic and surrounding cultures, Lot's wife, the downfall of Sodom, how Africa got its name, the dealings of Abraham with his other sons, and Jacob and Rachel's need to leave her father and why she took his idols...  People don't change much in how they act and react, and history shows that from Noah to Josephus, history tells the tales from which we should all learn of individuals, tribes and nations, and that God is central to it all.


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