Generosity vs Stinginess Overview Lesson Vanessa Justice
by cbf
generosity generous liberal liberality miserly stingy hoard hoarder selfish self-absorbed afraid trust God provide provider help hope hold resource resources need want empower enslave slave entitled welfare manage freely give freely receive love burden alongside openhanded friend brother share support carry feed clothe listen teach good news Bible Jesus aid helper entrust material materials stuff


 Generosity is more than a handout... more than stuff... more than castoffs for IRS credit ~ it is the mindset and attitude that time, money, wealth, stuff all has been given to me as a steward so that I might be able to discern a true and deep need, and then meet it to bring hope, help and light to someone's life.  Generosity ~ demonstrating the nature of God by wisely reinvesting the resources with which He has entrusted me, and carefully managing my resources so I can freely give to those in need.   Please consider going to to get the complete set of notes which I hand out to my class. In there you will find further information, and often links to other helpful or thought-provoking sites.     The accompanying powerpoint is found at


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