Vernon Interviews Steve Alves, Producer/Director of Food For Change.
23 months ago by Vernon_Oakes
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artist: Vernon Oakes     title: Vernon Interviews Steve A;ves, Producer/Director of Food For Change     album: Everything Co-op.     year: 2016     genre: Speech (id 101)   track: 9222016
Vernon and Steve discuss the film, the production of the film and how the film is being used to educate people about food cooperatives, and the history of cooperatives in general.

Alves is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who graduated from the University of Southern California Film School. After working in Hollywood and New York City as a film editor for 10 years, he moved to western Massachusetts and started his own documentary company, Home Planet Pictures. Two consistent themes in Alves' films are the inter-generational ties, and the role of community in American life.

Since 1997, Alves has written, produced, and directed six films about New England and what it means to have a sense of place. His 2001 production. Together in Time, won a CINE Golden Eagle, Best Short Documentary at the International Family Film Festival, and a Gold Award from WorldFest-Houston. Alves is also the 2015 recipient of the Austin Miller Cooperative Hero Award, given by the River Valley Market. Alves continues this trend in his current production, Food for Change,  which tells the history of the co-op movement in the United Sates, and role food co-ops are playing in the development of local food systems.


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