Genesis 12:6-9 Abram Starts... Pastor Clawson 26 July 2015
by cbf
Genesis Abram Sarai God Jehovah Canaan land travel Abraham Sarah promise promised land heritage Egypt famine enemy enemies spiritual prophecy prophetic possess possession heaven spirit faith home tent wander wandering rest unrest forshadow redeemed believe act truth lie deceive trust obey


Called from his settled home, Abram and his family now travel into Canaan... and then keep travelling...  The land was suffering from a famine, so now was not the time to settle down.  Abram's travels are similar to our own Christian pathway.  Often, when we finally follow the call of the Lord, we hope to settle down to a peaceful and uneventful, even no-stress, life. Often God has other plans...  Follow Abram as he travels through what will become the heritage of his children and grandchildren.  Go with him as he, Sarai, and their entourage walk through Canaan to Egypt and back to the land that Isaac, Jacob and their descendants will call their own.  And, see if it doesn't hint at just a bit of the walk the dedicated Christian is called to follow...   


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