Gratefulness~ An Overview Vanessa Justice 3 June 2015
by cbf
grateful thankful happy accepting win winning winner gratefulness ungratefulness unthankful miserly mean victim victimhood God Lord foundation pray prayer spirit content contenment peace undertanding understand goal overcomer Jesus Christ Matthew 10 heaven joy goals Christlikeness problem evil blame responsible choose choice respond response ingratitude gratitude


Gratefulness is a foundation stone to building our reliance on God and a needed part of what leads us to live in contentment and a peace that cannot be understood by those without Christ. Irritants, problems, evil thrown our direction... each one of those needs to be dealt with head on by searching for and finding how God is using that situation in our lives to deepen our walk with Him.   How we deal with what is poured into our lives makes all the difference in whether we become overcomers or self-imposed victims, whining about our lives and blaming the God of Heaven... Gratefulness~Making known to God & others in what ways they have benefited my life.   Matthew 10:8  ...Freely you have received, freely give..."


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