1 Kings 11:23-28 The Second Adversary Pastor Charles P. Clawson 14 December 2014
by cbf
Solomon consequences Hadad Syria Egypt hate hatred king retribution payback adversary Bible 1 Kings Old Testament action Joab David ignoring warnings warn warning chastise chastisement Edom Judah Israel kingdom Rezon


Solomon had been 'sowing into the wind', yet had not learned to recognize the coming whirlwhindnow has another adversary, Rezon,  a man who identified with Ben-Hadad's struggle against the house of David.  2 Samuel 8:3-5 gives a glimpse of the tension between Israel and the Syrians... and seemingly this man may have been an officer that escaped the slaughter, nursing a hatred and raising a band of rebels with which Solomon now had to face.  


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