1 Kings 12:12-19 The Kingdom Divides... Pastor Clawson 22 March 2015
by cbf
admonition Rehoboam poor choices king advisors civil war divition timing family good bad righteous evil punishment expectation years death life repent Jehovah God YHWH forgive self sin Israel destruction fight war hurt harm mistakes history consequences pride power ambition


The Old Testament is more than just a book of stories and histories of nations; it is also a trumpet that warns of  things to come, if we choose to behave as did the people chronicled in its pages... such is this study... The proud and rich nation of Israel is about to undergo rending changes because the leader chose to follow another way, to reject the leadings and teaching of Jehovah, and to walk away from the traditions of faith that had built up over the years and the policy of steward-leadership.  Rehoboam's folly and harsh treatment of his people led to an unnecessary rebellion... Today's nations should be forewarned~ if it can happen to them, it can happen to us.......


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