1 Kings 13:26-34 The End Pastor Clawson 26 July 2015
by cbf
Judah Israel man of God God Jehovah prophet old man sin obey obedience Jeroboam death lion will consequences life law witness king disobey disobedience seduce seduction worship warn warning command commandments idolatry idol idolatrous faith faithfulness Josiah altar Bethel bones carcase grave sepulcher break broken kill donkey ass Daniel men den wilderness ravens Elijah treachery lies pagan mercy Samaria


Learning from the mistakes of others, especially from the mistakes of those who try to wholly follow God, is one of the most valuable habits the Christian can have.  As human beings, we are fallible and frail, often falling into traps we either don't see or refuse to recognize, and many times we make choices that cost us and others around us... but that does not mean God has thrown us away nor has he abandoned us. It does mean we may have to pay the price here, however, rather than pay it in eternity... 


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