What the Devil Meant for Evil... Brother Bruce Johnson, guest speaker from Reconciliation Fellowship, Petersburg, VA
by cbf
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Brother Bruce Johnson brings a powerful message about the working of God in our lives when we look to and trust Him. Consider the story of Joseph, the favored son of a rich father who gets attacked, sold into slavery, & thrown into prison, because he set the stage for his brothers to hate him... or Job, a righteous man who lost it all through no fault of his own.... Our lives take courses we do not expect ~ sometimes we are the ones that initiate the problems & sometimes "stuff happens". However, we serve a mighty God that takes our mistakes, the evil intent of others, & the hurts from life to show His power & grace. We should take him at His Word... Brother Bruce shows us just how to be a successful and joyous member of the body of Christ!  Copyright 2015  All Rights Reserved


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