The Crown of Life Pastor Billy Robertson 25 November 2018
by cbf
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Have you ever wondered about what the other side holds, why bad things happen, what the future holds, & just what Jesus meant about \'abundant life\' when life is so not fair?  Ecclesiastes notes that life is full of good & bad & that no one can expect a perfect, trouble-free life.  Jesus, though, made it just as clear that His entrance into our broken world was to provide a different answer to life\'s troubles.  He brought us miracles, new approaches to dealing with problems, showed us the grace of the Father, & made the hope of eternal life open to all who would both believe & stay with Him.  Jesus & his disciples did not have our New Testament ~ later they actually wrote it ~ & He used the Jewish canon to explain God\'s love & mercy to all around Him.  Deuteronomy 9:6 reminds us that our blessings & lives are a gift from God, a gift God alone gives due to His mercy & love alone, even when we are difficult & stiff-necked.  New Testament believers, those who believe on the Lord Jesus & look forward to His return, can know that our inheritance is reserved for us & will not go away, if we keep our focus on getting back up when life knocks us down, recognizing that we are His workmanship & we are not here to finish some task list but are here to found our lives in committed belief in Him,  & endure the trials. We who know, love, & therefore faithfully follow Jesus already have eternal life. When we meet Him upon our \"graduation\" from this training ground, we will be wearing a crown of life!      Access Pastor Billy\'s sermon notes at   Watch his sermon at         \r\nCopyright 2018     All Rights Reserved\r\n               


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