What's New? Deacon Alwyn Floyd 31 December 2017
by cbf
new thing Isaiah hold on old man sadness fear let it go Jesus fresh renew repair rebuild regenerate young give back devil steal kill destroy money depression drink drugs cry out help drag net Peter God work a new work good pleasure David mirey clay new heavens new hope new heart new spirit burst sensitive toward God rebel stoney heart flesh joy new commandment John 13:34 love one another lies Word ask commune believe expectation healing health Psalm 51:10


artist: Deacon Alwyn Floyd
title: What's New?
album: Guest Speakers
year: 2017
genre: Sermon (id None)
How badly do you want something new?  What is your life like, and what do you want to change?  For Deacon Alwyn, life was hard, sad, and he wanted a way out.  Tthe whole religious thing was not his first thought, but other ways out were ... more permanent and only running away, not actually changing.  Then he turned to Jesus and suddenly a new thing burst forth...  Deacon Alwyn encouraged us all with his explanation of the Joy and Love and Power of Jesus in his life. He shared his witness, his vision, and his strength in the Lord--and that vision, joy, and new life can be yours, too... Listen, and let the Lord burst into your life, too!   Access Deacon Alwyn's notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/171sRgMhXOHDOQmGzHIRkymVS0CIMQNXUl8kX8ZAFWJw/edit?usp=sharing   Enjoy his video at  https://www.facebook.com/CovenantBibleFellowship/videos/1356354621160540/    Copyright 2017   All Rights Reserved


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