Back to Basics, 1-The State of Man Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 4 October 2015
by cbf
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No matter how smart you are or how much you know, it is necessary from time to time to look at the big picture...  Here is the beginning of the foundation of the faith~ We are the image and reflection of God Himself. Our job is to let the people around us know that we are important to the Creator of the Universe because we are His special creation, and made by His hand, not just His word! We have His fingerprints on our souls! The choices we make, now, today, show whether or not we understand that our role here is to be a picture and example of the life and wholeness of God. He didn't need us-we need Him.  We are His workmanship and made to be with Him, but are full of the sin of pride and self-will and in our flesh are a mockery of the God of the Universe.  Wow~ made to be His reflection in the earth, we often choose to turn our back and be a reflection of anything BUT Him... the state of man  on his own is to be sinful, willful, and a rebellious creation.  That does not change His love for us, but does hurt and disappoint Him deeply. We grieve Him greatly, and often draw forth His wrath. Only because of His love for us and by His great grace do continue to breathe and be.    As a loving parent, He will punish to correct and draw our attention and He also continuously works to call us and to bring us back to our state of innocence so we might walk with Him as we did before sin entered the world...


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