Quick Guide To Laying Block Paving
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Whether you want to replace your drive, or create the perfect patio, block paving Leicester wide can provide the perfect finish. Whether you’re looking to do it yourself, or want to ensure you hire the right builder, this guide will help.

The first step is to create a design. If you’re building a driveway, consider whether you’re completely replacing what you have, or extending the existing driveway. Making these decisions helps you calculate the number of slabs you need. Once you have all this, it’s time to prepare the ground. You need to consider the damp course of any adjoining building, ensuring the blocks or paving slabs Leicester wide sit below this. 

Once the ground is prepared, think about the foundation. For the best finish, create a concrete foundation for your paving blocks to sit on. When laying block paving, start at the bottom of the slight slope you’ve created. Block paving should be started at a corner to ensure that they fit correctly regardless of the pattern. 

To complete your block paving Leicester based drive or patio, kiln dried sand should be added. Finally, the area should be compacted with a vibrating plate that’ll not damage the block paving.


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