Barriers Pastor Billy Robertson 4 October 2015
by cbf
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Overcoming things that make us less than effective in our walk includes setting aside traditions and listening to the heart and seeing the power of God as He leads us to reach out to others.  Some are like the lepers of the day--don't touch them!  But Jesus did...  Some are like the gentiles of the day--don't go into their homes! But Jesus did... Some are like the sinners of the day... don't eat with them! But Jesus did...  Yes, we are to "come out from among them" and to not be like them, but we are also to reach out in love and share truth with them.  To come out does not mean to become totally separated from the world; it means to not behave, think, do or respond like the world, and also to spend time alone with the Father, learning His wisdom and following His Word.  Our work is to share Who Jesus is and to show the world around us by becoming more and more like Jesus ourselves.  That may mean we sit down at a table with the sinners, we enter the house of a gentile centurion, or we touch the lives of the absolute dregs of society... it means we love and still not compromise the message of Jesus the Christ, the Holy One of God.


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